Dad And Son Convert Old 90’s School Bus Into A Tiny Dream Home


2. 90’s School Bus

So when he saw an old school-bus for sale for for 4,500 USD, he decided to buy it.



  1. Don’t get me wrong. I love the tiny homes, and totally think converting a bus is a sweet way to make one. But when detailing your dream home, don’t go WOW look even a sink. If you built a dream house w/o a sink, that’s noteworthy not the other way around. I think in this day and age a sink is pretty standard equipment in any home, not just a dream home.

    I’ll say one benefit I’ve always seen in the bus conversions is plenty of light!

  2. Have built loads of these and on lot smaller chassis units did an english mini bus with all mod cons including on and off grid electrics.
    Nothing special about this one.

  3. I think it’s totally awesome!!!! Would love one of these, then hubby & I might actually get to go somewhere, which we don’t now because of our rescue pets. To Andy I want to say, Lucky You that you know how to do this, some of us are handily challenged and couldn’t even dream of doing this, and we’re too poor to have someone else do it for us, so you are very fortunate indeed.


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