This man built a floating solar-powered fortress made out of 150,000 recycled water bottles


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Off the cost of Isla Mujeres Bay in Cancun, Mexico, environmentalist and architect Richart Sowa lives comfortably on his island made of over 150,000 recycled water bottles. Sowa first built his floating abode in 2005, but harsh weather destroyed the island. On his third attempt of rebuilding his home— this time in calm waters—he succeeded in developing a sturdy home. He has been living almost completely self-sustainably on his private island since 2008.

“Living on my own floating island has been my dream for over two-decades,” said Sowa in Daily Mail, unfazed by his previous attempts. He calls this island “Joyxee.”

The New Spiral Island British environmentalist and eco-pioneer Richart "Rishie" Sowa, who believes in recycling and low-impact living, has built his own floating island in a lagoon by Isla Mujeres, Mexico. The island is built on over 100 000 plastic bottles and is about 20m in diameter. It has beaches, a house where Sowa lives, 2 ponds, a solar-powered waterfall/river, and solar panels. Mangroves, palmtrees and other plants are growing on it. This is the second Island Sowa has built; The first was destroyed in a hurricane in 2005.