11 Tips for Your First Experience Backpacking in New Zealand


1. Travel North to South

Not only is New Zealand beautiful, New Zealand is easy to travel around. In fact, New Zealand is arguably one of the most backpacker or independent budget traveler friendly countries in the world. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better spot to break into the world of long term travel.

Be it the quality of life, the miles and miles of untouched, remote and spectacular scenery, or the laid-back no-worries outlook on life, something about New Zealand will grab you and not let you leave. While New Zealand is welcoming and easy to get around, you might have some questions about your trip here. Consider these:

Travel North to South: Should I Start On The North Island Or The South Island? While the North Island is stunning (be sure to check out the Bay of Islands and definitely don’t miss the chilled out Coromandel Region), the South Island is where it’s at. As it will be the highlight of your trip, it’s the logical place to finish. The mountains are taller, the drives are more spectacular, the Great Walks are greater, and the beer is better so finish on New Zealand’s South Island.



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