This House May Look Ordinary From The Outside, But When They Walked In, They Were Shocked!


1. Coca-Cola, 1886

Lillian of County Cork, Ireland has just revealed a shocking secret about her humble suburban home. Everyone has a private obsession. For most, it’s usually something simple, like a shelf of Special Moments figurines.

But for Lillian, a wife and mother of two, it’s Coca-Cola. For over 30 years, Lillian has been collecting Coke memorabilia. Now, her home serves as a live-in shrine to the yummy soda. What started as a tiny collection of old Coke cans has now blossomed into a household theme! Drenched from wall-to-wall in red and white, and peppered with the world-famous famous logo, this home is nothing short of a personal Coke museum.

Coca-Cola, the most widely distributed product in the world, was invented in 1886 by a pharmacist named John Stith Pemberton.



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