This all-in-one sleeping bag and tent hybrid is about to revolutionize camping forever


1.  Backpacking and Camping

Whether you are backpacking against the relentless winds of the High Sierras or just heading to a campsite a few hours north for a couples getaway in an overloaded midsize sedan, setting up a tent is the bane of a camper’s existence.

On top of the universal human trait of laziness, no one likes flopping around inside a sleeping bag that’s more akin to a straight-jacket. That’s why a group of Swiss scientists decided to put a modern twist on the sleeping bag by crossbreeding it with a tent.



  1. Weight size pack size once wet its gonna get seriously heavy Australia have had them for years weighing about 8 to ten llbs will it fit in back pack with cook set clothes etc etc and what season is sleep bag

    • You go to any camping store in Australia and you can buy them from $200 upward.
      Swag. They have been around for donkey’s years !

    • Yes, my idea too! But I want to know where to buy them? I’d like to find a way to get others as well to donate these to the Homeless. Many organizations that can do this as a tax deductible gift. This would at least elevate the cold for them. Even if not answer the homeless issue with a solid solution?

  2. This is kind of a joke….too much hyperbole. They start out by saying “no one likes flopping around in a sleeping bag” when, in fact, many of us do….hell, i sleep in mine at home a lot just for its snuggly nature. Also, “this will revolutionize camping forever” is a bit of a stretch…..okay, a BIG stretch….

    • Or $250 in Australia. Buy a Swag. These have been around for centuries.
      “Once a jolly swag man camped by a billabong………..Who’ll come a Waltzing Matilda with me?.”

  3. Oh Come On!

    it weighs more than 4kg
    and costs more than €2500.00

    …and they’ve failed to demonstrate what’s unique or special about it. In concept, it’s a swag. In practice it’s a self inflating mattress, a bulky synthetic sleeping bag and a hooped bivvy from a manufacturer with no track record and no experience designing sleeping mats, bags or tents.

    The US Army have been using modular sleeping systems like this for decades, but if you’re spending that much money, buy a custom PHDesigns sleeping bag, a Thermarest Xtherm and an Outdoor research Alpine bivy…. and then spend the other €1500 travelling around the world camping in them!


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