If You Need More Space In Your Dining Room. Here Is a nice Solution!


1. The beginning

Most people are familiar with the Murphy bed, which is a bed that is hidden in the wall or a cabinet and can be folded down for slumbering purposes, but there are also lots of other innovative furniture and interior designs that can help to save space.

For instance, there are couches that turn into bunk beds, chairs that slide into wall units, stairs where each step is a pullout drawer, and full-length mirrors that double as ironing boards. The options are endless and enthralling to look at.

Yet, if you can’t afford some of pricier furniture designs or interior decorating rates — do not fear. It’s pretty easy to take a snug space and make it ample and airy all on your own.

For instance, Imgur user MidnightXII and his wife like to entertain. But all they had was a tiny space that was occupied by a massive table that only sat six. They decided enough was enough and figured out a way to double their space… Home is where the heart is!

This picture shows how their dining room originally looked. They squeezed an old hand-me-down table into the small space. This couple likes to entertain, so an upgrade was in order.



  1. I didn’t like the dining room make over…such a waste. I hate benches u have to crawl in and out of and most guests would agree…
    Also they could have simply put in a very long and narrow table…preferably one with add in leaves. Then the room would have been more verstule…
    The fixed boxes ruined the multiple uses for the same room..plus the advantage of individual chairs. Who wants to b trapped on a bench seating arrangement and have to ask everyone to get up if u need to get out….
    Use some ccmon sense…. What r u going to do if u have a large size guest1…sit them on the end so they stick out like a sore them…totally embarking them…


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