This Pink Trailer Doesn’t Look Like Much From The Outside – When I Step Inside, My Jaw Drops


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Traveling cross-country in an RV is not something most of us have the opportunity to do. We are tied down to our daily jobs, and taking an extended vacation leave to travel the country is difficult to do.

But what if traveling the country in an RV was a part of your job?

Corrabelle Rose is always “on the road looking for crusty garden urns, paint-chipped furniture, gently laundered fabrics and awesome architectural items.” Corrabelle Rose is a traveling vintage and antique treasures business. It’s two business owners travel the country in a pink RV and sell vintage and antique treasures. At various locations throughout the United States, Corrabelle Rose sets up shop. They attend flea markets, antique shows, and farmer’s markets all over the country.



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