They Kept Dropping The Price But Still Couldn’t Sell. When I Looked Inside, I Knew Why!


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As you know, selling your home and moving can be a stressful ordeal. You need to deal with realtors, mortgage companies, insurance brokers, government tax officers, and countless other issues. But when you finally close on the sale and you’re ready to move, a feeling of relief washes over you.

But for Gillian and David Walsh, they just can’t sell their house. After 13 months on the market and a $75,000 price cut, it’s still not sell. Look inside to see why…

From the outside this Crosby, England home is beautiful, well-maintained, and quite large. Certainly this 6-bedroom is big enough for a growing family. But it just isn’t selling.

At first it is puzzling but once you ring the doorbell and hear “Oh My Darling Clementine” play, you know you’re in for a surprise.



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